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Vito Xenodochides

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Vito Xenodochides was born in 1973, Tbilisi, Georgia, and moved to Cyprus in 1990. From a young age, Vito felt a connection and inclination towards the arts and started experimenting with clay and mosaics. Once he started to paint, he never left the canvas and has been practising the art of painting for the last 20 years. 


Throughout the years, he incorporated different materials into his paintings such as collage and beach sand, but is now solely focused on using oils. Vito’s work is very intrinsic, as he lets his mind free and the brush sways according to his feelings and thoughts. His work is highly influenced by nature, his surroundings, and life experiences. 


Vito preferred to work in solitude. However, he has recently started sharing a studio with Giorgos Heracleous, which gave way to new artistic horizons. He solo and group exhibitions in Cyprus such as Morfi Gallery in Limassol,  Opus Gallery in Nicosia, Thiseas Gallery in Limassol, Lellos Gallery in Limassol, Pegasus Art Foundation in Limassol, and many more. 

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