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Ksoporti is a private initiative dedicated to amplifying Cyprus's contemporary art scene through a more personal approach. Derived from the Cypriot dialect meaning "front door," Ksoporti aims to unlock the gateway to the local art world. Our mission is twofold: to cultivate a deeper understanding of contemporary art within Cyprus and to provide vital support and exposure to local artists.

We strive to create an approachable and accessible environment where all types of audiences, regardless of their background or expertise, can engage with contemporary art. Our aim is to foster an environment where individuals actively participate in artistic exploration, connecting with artists and the happenings around them.

Through collaborative efforts, we endeavor to catalyze change and innovation in Cyprus's cultural landscape. Our signature event Ksoporti Art Weekend, along with the project Seed Youth Gallery and our future series of tailored talks, serve as dynamic platforms for dialogue, discovery, and exploration.

ksoporti art weekend  artist studio untouched
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