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The Seed Project represents a pioneering endeavor crafted specifically to support emerging artists within Cyprus. Our goal is to meet the rising demand among young contemporary artists for an accessible and encouraging platform to showcase their work. At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to nurture and spotlight these budding talents, paving the way for transformative change.

Through a series of pop-up exhibitions and seminars, we foster artistic exploration and provide a platform for critical commentary on contemporary issues.

In alignment with the dynamic evolution of the global art scene, which increasingly champions emerging and unconventional artists, The Seed is devoted to fostering this spirit of innovation and creativity.

Operated under the overarching Ksoporti initiative, The Seed complements Ksoporti's ethos by promoting inclusivity, engagement, and accessibility through a personalized approach.

Cypriot artists  and artists of all nationalities based in Cyprus engaged in visual contemporary art. 

Application Process
Artists interested in exhibiting should send their CV and portfolio to In our discretion, we will contact the artists who are in line with The Seed project's vision to schedule an in person meeting.
Zebra Pattern Painting

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