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Ksoporti Art Weekend

In the Cypriot dialect, “ksopόrti” means “front door” and derives from the Greek word “eksόporta”. The event’s mission is to unlock the door which leads to the local contemporary art world, and encourage the public to step in and explore.  

The idea to establish Ksoporti was born out of our first action, Ksoporti Art Weekend. The first edition took place in Limassol in 2019 in the form of an open studio event. Ksoporti Art Weekend has since developed into an annual nomadic event which takes place in a different city of Cyprus each year, and includes artists, galleries and art centres.


The participating artists, galleries and art centres are asked to collectively open their studios and exhibition over the course of three evenings. The event-goers can meet the artists, explore their studios, and delve into their creative world. In the same manner, the  event-goers are invited to visit the temporary and permanent gallery exhibitions, and experience all the components that comprise Cyprus’s art world.


We are happy to announce that our third edition will take place in Larnaka, 13th-15th of October 2023!

Ksoporti Open Studio 2023
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