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Sotiris Ioannides

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Sotiris was born in 1991, in Limassol. Sotiri’s work combines a fiery passion and a deep understanding of art history. His art is spontaneous yet thoughtful, playful but honest. Drawing from Jean Michelle Basquiat’s unrelenting rawness and Paul Cezanne’s skilful manipulation of the line, Sotiri’s   compositions come in many layers.  

For Sotiris, the materiality of an artwork is not just means to an end; it is the work itself. Sotiris often uses found objects, such as pieces of cardboard and scrap paper, and adds wood shavings in the paint to create texture. Likewise, movement is an inherent component to the artist’s practice. While he paints, he constantly repositions the surface he is working on, by adjusting it and rotating it. His brushstrokes create continuous lines that flow effortlessly, capturing the feeling of motion.  

Sotiris took part in various exhibitions such as "Choices 1", H Alli Arcadia Foundation, Athens, Greece (2015); "Choices 2", Polytropon Art Space, Attica, Greece (2017), Thessaloniki Contemporary Art Biennale, Greece (2017), Flowers, Guadeloupe Concept Store, Limassol (2021), Kolla Culture Centre, Limassol (2022).

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