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Maria Maglyovanna

Maria works with charcoal, ink and watercolour on paper and cardboard, with occasional detours into acrylics and oil. She studied Fine Art in Odessa, Ukraine, only to abandon art and rediscover it 15 years later in Cyprus. 

In 2014, Maria joined Andrey Zhokhov’s studio in Limassol, who is known for his unique aesthetic of combining  Byzantine and eclisiasical iconography with Surrealist and Futurist elements. The following year she took part in an art marathon run by the Cornaro Art Institute, which was then based in Larnaca. She has been with the Cornaro Institute ever since, first as a student under the acclaimed artist Andros Efstathiou, and then as an artist in residence. She showed in a number of  exhibition spaces in Cyprus, such as Apothiki 79 Gallery in Larnaca, and the Cornaro Art Institute  in Limassol.

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