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Anna Ioannou

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Anna Ioannou was born in Limassol, and is a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. She is a board member of the Cypriot Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and is active in organising various events that implement collaborations between psychoanalysis and the arts. She also holds a degree in Philosophy, a Master’s in Animation and is currently studying Fine Art at TEPAK, Limassol, Cyprus. 

Anna Ioannou’s recent work focuses on found objects. She collects materials such as pieces of packaging and wrappings, and creates installations. According to Anna,  as we interact with the material world, in order to feed and sustain ourselves we create a trail of remnants. Once they serve the assigned purpose of holding, decorating, promoting, selling a product, these left-over pieces of materiality are being discarded. Yet, they form the landscape of our daily domestic lives. They link households, hotels, restaurants, charity routes to refugees and families in need. In extent, Anna compares these discarded materials with “broken phrases of an untold story that unites us”. Therefore, with her installations, the artist creates a space of material poetry. 

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