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Yeti Yeti lives and works between Cyprus and Greece, and is currently studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA). Yeti Yeti always had a strong interest in public art and the urban landscape. As a teenager, he started tagging public spaces and soon turned to graffiti and street art. Since 2015, he has extended his creative practice and works with clay, acrylics, oil paints, sculptures and digital drawings. 


Yeti Yeti’s subjects range from popular culture to politics and society. His work is distinct for the interplay between light and shading: in some paintings his use of light reminds of the light from a screen, while in other occasions it is violent like the flash from an explosion. His recent work takes inspiration from the theory of the horse-shoe, by the French Philosopher Jean-Pierre Faye, which examined  the similarities between extreme political ideologies. Yeti Yeti takes the structure of this theory, and compares different artistic forms and practices in order to decipher the relationship between art, and meaning. 


He has participated in group exhibitions such as the “Upper-class Underground Project” in Thessaloniki and the “An-FOLLOW” exhibition in Limassol at Multiplace Sinergio. Yeti Yeti had his first solo exhibition “You reap what you sow” in January 2022 at Tapper bar where he included a vast array of his art. He has participated in residencies in Cyprus, Greece, and Poland, and was commissioned to create public murals in Cyprus and Greece. 

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