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Spyros Demetriades was born in 1950 in Limassol, and specialised in Animation at VŠUP, Prague, in 1971-7. Spyros is well known for his watercolours of urban scenery that depict the present and development of cities in Cyprus, and especially Limassol, and his social and anti-war themes. Throughout his career, he created animated commercials, book Illustrations, and produced the animated film “Cypriot Transfigurations”, a remake of a film he created as part of his final university project. 

Between 2009-2010 he created 16 paintings as a commission for “Intership Navigation Co Ltd” from which 16 silkscreen editions were derived. The “Intership Navigation” Collection was then published in the book The Intership Navigation Collection - A Life Journey Through Art. Spyros has been part of numerous solo and group exhibitions, the most recent being the retrospective “Spyros Demetriades:Life in Motion”  at Limassol’s Municipal Arts Centre “Apothikes Papadaki” in May 2022.

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