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Popi Mouskatou

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In 1990 Popi Mouskatou studied Pedagogics at the Pedagogic Academy of Cyprus with a specialisation in Art, and in 2007 she gained a BA (Hons) in Creative Arts at Buckinghamshire New University. Since 1990, she has been working in the sector of Primary Education. 


Mouskatou’s art deals with the subjects of time and space, using local, universal and spatio-temporal references. In depicting the human presence, she tries to capture an idealised ​​beauty, and her interpretation of universal truths. In extension, her paintings attempt to interpret the greatness of the world, life in its infinite form, and human consciousness in terms of nature.


Mouskatou has taken part in exhibitions both in Cyprus and abroad, such as the International Exhibition at EV Gallery in New York in 2022, the Museum of Russian Art in Moscow in 2019, the 6th Painting Biennale in Spain in 2010, and the Gallery Apokalipsi in Nicosia in 2009.

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