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Fine Art Center

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The Cornaro Fine Art Center has been created by the renowned Cypriot painters Stas Paraskos and Andros Efstathiou in 2007 in Larnaca, under the wing of the Cyprus College of Art which was first established in 1969 in Famagusta. With the death of Paraskos in 2014, Cornaro was detached from the Cyprus College of Art and Efstathiou continued its operation in Limassol as a private arts centre and as the headquarters of ICSAH (International Center of Studies of Arts and Humanities).


The Cornaro Fine Art Center hosts artists - along with Efstathiou's workshop - holds art seminars, exhibitions, lectures, and music events. The Cornaro Fine Art Center operates as a private members club, where for a nominal annual fee, its members can attend various activities such as painting classes with life models, and evenings of classical music.

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