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Constantinos Constantinides

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Constantinos was born in 1950 in Petra, Cyprus, and has been a ceramicist for over 20 years. While working in an office in London, Constantinos decided to turn his career around at the age of 50 and follow his one true passion: ceramic art.  After studying ceramics at the Camperwell College of Art and Design in London, Constantinos returned to Cyprus where he now has a studio in central Limassol.

A master of the clay, Constantinos’ oeuvre has conceptual undertones as it comments on modern society. His political works engage subjects such as the economic crisis in Cyprus and what came to be known as “kourema”, and the Turkish occupation of the island.  Additionally, other works reference environmental issues and the indispensable value of nature. Constantinos’ process of creation is experimental and integral to his work. He uses materials from the sea such as loofah and creates his own ceramic glazes, rendering his works personal and unique.

 Constantino’s ceramic art is part of private collections in Cyprus, Greece and Mexico, among others.  He has participated in many exhibitions such as “The Fireworks of Human Existence”, Art Theatre, London, UK (2000); Cyprus / Crete / Lesbos – Festival of Ceramics, Lesbos,   Greece (2012); “Ksana Mazi”, Zampellas Art Museum Nicosia, Cyprus (2016); HUMAN RIGHTS? #NOGAP, Fodazione Campana dei Caduti, Rovereto, Italy (2022).

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