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Andri Aristidou

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Andri Aristidou was born in 1980 in Limassol, and studied painting at "ABA di Perugia Pietro Vannucci" in Perugia, Italy. Her visual language is constantly evolving and comes from various influences and stimuli taken by her surroundings and thoughts.

In the past she has dealt with the subject of memory and the perception of time. She has experimented with various materials such as rust, stretched fabrics and wires, and shows sensitivity towards their materiality. Her recent work has philosophical undertones, elements from mythology, religion, and social anthropology. Using a variety of techniques and a multitude of materials, with threads and fabrics as the common denominator, Aristidou searches for the connection that unites everything in life: death, religion, women, music, and much more.

Andri has taken part in various exhibitions such as the 'Sylikou Art Exhibition' in the village of Sylikou in the province of Limassol, the 'Young Artists Exhibition' at the Toufexis Gallery in Nicosia, and the 'World Art Day Open Studios' in Limassol

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