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Andreas Kattos

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Andreas Kattos was born in 1958 in Vatili of Famagusta. He studied at the Technical School of Famagusta in the field of Decorative Pottery for one year.


In 1974, after the Turkish invasion, he went to Athens where he attended ceramics classes at a school in Maroussi, the centre of ceramic art. At the same time, he worked in various ceramics workshops such as that of Kostas Panopoulos, one of the leading ceramists in Greece, and Andreas Makaris, who taught him how to use the pottery wheel. Since 1990, he has been running his own workshop in Limassol and teaching pottery and ceramics.


His works have been exhibited in Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Russia, and South Africa where he presented Cypriot Ceramics and did a demonstration with the pottery wheel. His sculptures can be found in Private Collections, Hotels, Limassol’s Municipal Art Gallery, the Sculpture Park in Ayia Napa and other places in Cyprus and abroad.

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